Benefits of The HCG and HCG Medical Weight Loss

The HCG Diet has a number of benefits that are unique and set it apart from other diets. Many people that have tried and failed to lose weight with other diets have found success with the HCG Diet. While Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, the HCG hormone, is mainly produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy, both men and women can use it and lose large amounts of weight on the diet.

Some of the unique benefits of the HCG Diet include:

Significant Weight Loss

While on the HCG Diet, a person must follow a very low calorie diet that causes the body to think it is not getting enough nutrients. The HCG hormone is produced during pregnancy, and it serves to use fat stores in a woman’s body to supply nutrients to a growing fetus in the event that the mother cannot take in enough food due to a food shortage. When a person is not pregnant, the hormone works the same way, and it signals the brain that there is not enough nutrition coming in, which causes thousands of calories to be released from fat in order to make up for any nutrient deficiencies. This release of calories causes fat to breakdown and burned for fuel.

Reset Metabolism

During the HCG Diet, a person must follow a strict diet that only allows fresh vegetables, low sugar fruits, and lean meats to be consumed. The regular intake of nutrients in addition to the hormone working to break down fat stores can cause the hypothalamus to reset its metabolism. Before the HCG Diet, many people consume an excess of processed, sugary, and fatty foods. The change in food choices can help the body readjust itself to healthier foods and a reduced weight.

Reduced Hunger

While on the HCG Diet, many people do not report feeling hungry and food cravings are usually reduced. This is because the HCG hormone is releasing a few thousand calories worth of fat into the bloodstream, and a person is consuming around 500 calories in food also. Some people argue that the weight loss achieved on the HCG Diet is due to the low intake of calories; however, it would cause adverse effects in the body, such as extreme hunger, hair loss, and mood swings without the additional release of calories from fat stores.

Reduced Problem Areas

The body’s own innate intelligence knows how much fat needs to be burned in order to supply it with the daily requirement of energy and nutrients. The brain may also trigger the release of fat from the places in the body that have the most amount of fat available, such as the abdomen, thighs, backs of the arms, hips, and buttocks. After finishing the HCG Diet, many people notice a significant difference in the appearance of their bodies.

Permanent Weight Loss

After finishing the HCG Diet, most people are able to keep the weight off because the hypothalamus has reset their metabolism and they have learned to make healthier food choices throughout the duration of their diet. The few people that do regain their weight make one of two mistakes. The first mistake people make is that they attempt to eat the same low calorie diets they were eating while on the diet, which puts their bodies into starvation mode and causes it to hold onto everything taken in and store it away as fat. The second mistake that patients make is that they go back to eating diets high in sugar and fat and continue to live a sedentary lifestyle. While the HCG Diet can help a person to initially lose weight, keeping the weight off depends on a healthy lifestyle and eating regular healthy meals.

Many patients that have been on the HCG diet have been able to reach their weight loss goals with the help of Dr. Jeff Hanson. Countless patients have overcome their weight loss challenges and improved their overall quality of life.

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